Transforming 10,000s Students, Individuals, and Families 
suffering from homelessness, domestic violence, crime, and poverty in cities across America!
How 1Life Dare2Dream
Changed A Family's Future
The 1Life Dare2Dream program helps students, individuals, and families suffering from homelessness, domestic violence, crime, and poverty to create a roadmap to living their most fulfilled life.
Because of donors and long-time supporters, Naveah and hundreds of others like her now know there are many paths and a systematic approach to take their lives from STRUGGLE to SUCCESS. With your help, 1Life plans to reach more than 5,000 Naveah’s in 2019. The 1Life Team and kids like Naveah say thanks and please help keep up this battle we are waging against the loss of the American Dream!
The Outdated Model of 'Work Harder to Get Ahead' Simply Doesn’t Work Anymore...
It takes a 360-degree approach to life to get there!
1Life Fully Lived, has created a “Road Map” to teach the youth (and others that need it most) our core teachings of vision planning, finances, wellness, and relationships!

1Life's Dare2Dream program helps those that are just getting out in the world find a path that is RIGHT FOR THEM. The interactive, engaging program focuses on giving the participants the real-life skills they need to be successful no matter the path they choose.
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An Interactive, Engaging Event
1Life Dare2Dream creates a unique, transformative experience for the participants that allow the students to discover solutions by facilitating relevant, stimulating conversations between all the attendees.
A Unique Musical Experience
The 1Life Dare2Dream program incorporates live music, spoken-word poetry, and student-led performances to create an exciting, dynamic atmosphere that gets students out of their comfort zone and allows transformative breakthroughs for the attendees.’’
1Life's Core Teachings
Combining Positive Psychology with Cutting-Edge Group Dynamics
Instead of focusing on problems or deficits, our unique approach helps the students to identify and appreciate the best about themselves while allowing them to imagine what their ideal future might look like. Then we focus on helping them design a realistic plan and roadmap to get there.

The 1Life Dare2Dream program gives the participants plenty of time to answer meaningful questions about themselves and the most effective way to create their ideal future.
The 1Life Dare2Dream program focuses on helping the participants identify their unique strengths and helps them find a way to utilize them to create their ideal future.
The 1Life Dare2Dream program helps to open the eyes of the participants and expand their possibilities of what they are capable of achieving in the future.
We're giving the next generation a roadmap to their best future!
1Life Dare2Dream 2020 Calendar
Feb 24-26 1Life Dare2Dream Experience Sacramento, CA 

Feb 27-28 1Life Dare2Dream Experience Los Banos, CA

May 11-14 1Life Dare2Dream Experience Philadelphia, PA

October 5-8 1Life Dare2Dream Experience Dallas, TX

November 9-12 1Life Dare2Dream Experience Detroit, MI

Want to Sponsor a Student?
Join us at the 1Life Roadmap Workshop that's hosted for the program's supporters!
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1Life Dare2Dream events we have hosted!
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