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1Life ROADMAP Certification Program
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The world needs a little “1Life-n” now MORE THAN EVER. Diversify yourself for post-COVID rebuilding of our world. Help us and those you serve or would like to serve create ROADMAP that will allow them to survive now and THRIVE as we all emerge! Use the 1Life CORE4 tools; vision, finances, relationships, and wellness to teach others how to create their own personal ROADMAP to Dream, Plan and LIVE their best lives. 1Life intends to elevate MILLIONS and we NEED your HELP to do just that by becoming a Certified ROADMAP Guide.
No other program encompasses all 4 of these core pillars to create a ROADMAP that brings value in both personal and business pursuits. Join 1Life to serve now and as we go forward in the “new normal”.

This is not a webinar. These are interactive, authentic collaborations with other agency and heart-centered professionals. The four 2-hour video conference events will allow you learn the steps in helping other to create a ROADMAP, deeply understand the 1Life CORE4, and experience first-hand how 1Life empowers and elevates others.

Course Schedule & Outline:

All Trainings Start at 7:30AM PDT/10:30AM EDT

February 11, 7:30-9:30am PDT 
Module 1 – 1Life ROADMAP Experience

February 16, 7:30 – 9:30am PDT
Module 2 – CORE4: Vision & Finances Immersion

February 18, 7:30 – 9:30am PDT
Module 3 – CORE4: Relationships & Wellness Immersion

February 25, 7:30 – 9:30am PDT
Module 4 – Certification Evaluation Assessment
Event Info: 
Module 1 

Thursday, February 11
7:30AM PDT/10:30AM EDT

*This is not a webinar. 

These are interactive, authentic collaborations where you will co-create solutions with other agency and heart-centered professionals. This two-hour video event will allow you to experience first hand how we empower and elevate others with the knowledge to take control of their lives and create a ROADMAP that will lead them to a fulfilling life!

Due to the unique, interactive format, participation is limited.

IMPORTANT: Your full participation from beginning to end is required due to the collaborative nature of this event. Your contributions are so valuable.

NOTE: You’ll need to have access to a computer or cell phone with audio and video (preferred) and connect to Zoom. 

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